International Conference on AI, Blockchain and IoT 2024
國際人工智能、區塊鏈及物聯網學術研討會 2024

Date: 21 - 22 June 2024 (Fri - Sat)
Mode: Face-to-Face
Venue: D0309, Jockey Club Campus (JCC), 81 Chung Hau Street,
Hong Kong Metropolitan University (HKMU)

Sponsor: The Croucher Foundation Limited

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The smart city initiative will be a crucial driver for the sustainable development of our society. It will help improve and automate various aspects of people’s daily life, providing a happier, healthier, smarter and greener future. Smart city technologies enable innovative applications in various sectors, including health care, finance, manufacturing, education, construction, transportation, social services and public utilities. This is especially important since the world is facing an ageing population and a shortage of manpower. Successful smart city development depends on not just a single innovation, but on the integration of multiple technologies. The newest smart systems involve (i) smart sensors for collecting real-time data at the front end; (ii) internet-of-things (IoT) and blockchain infrastructure for secure data transmission and sharing between stakeholders; (iii) and artificial intelligence (AI) for the analysis of big data and decision-making. Together, AI, blockchain and the IoT (ABIoT) will form a complete ecosystem for future smart cities.


  • Development and deployment of ABIoT systems
  • Big data analysis for ABIoT-enabled smart city
  • Cybersecurity issues of ABIoT-oriented smart city
  • Regulatory and ethical issues of ABIoT deployment
  • ABIoT applications and future trends


  • IEEE EMBS Hong Kong-Macau Joint Chapter
  • IET Hong Kong
  • Chinese Institute of Electronics Hong Kong (CIE HK)
  • IEEE HKMU Student Branch

Keynote Speakers

  • Prof Yan ZHANG, University of Oslo, Norway
  • Prof Ivan Tak Lam WONG, Douglas College, Canada
  • Prof Vibha Rajesh BORA, G H Raisoni College of Engineering, India
  • Prof Yueming GAO, Fuzhou University, China
  • Prof Kim Fung TSANG, Editor-In-Chief, IEEE Trans. on Consumer Electronics
  • Dr Lodge Sio Hang PUN, University of Macau
  • Dr Kam-Ming MOK, Lingnan University
  • Dr Jiajing WU, Sun Yat-sen University, China
  • Mr Glenn Austin Green, GP Energy Tech

Organizing Committee

Chair: Prof. Philips Fu Lee Wang (Dean of School of Science and Technology, HKMU)
Hon-Chair: Prof. Reggie Ching Ping Kwan (Provost, HKMU)
Organizing Chair: Dr. Kevin King Fai Hung (Head of EECS, School of S&T, HKMU)
Program Chair: Dr. Yaru Fu (HKMU), Dr Vincent Ho Yuet Kwan (HKMU)
Publicity Chair: Mr. Bruce Kwong Bun Tong (HKMU)
Secretary: Dr. John Kwok Tai Chui (HKMU)
Technical Visit Chair: Dr. Kam-Ming Mok (Lingnan University), Dr. Eddie Kai Chun Tjon (HKMU)
Local Arrangement Chair: Dr. Andrew Ho Chun Wu (HKMU), Dr. Alin Yalin Liu (HKMU), Dr. Wyman Weiming Wang (HKMU)
Technical Program Chair: Dr. Tony Moon Tong Chan (HKMU), Dr. Ndudi Ezeamuzie (HKMU), Dr. Vaithinathan Karthikeyan (HKMU)
Finance Chair: Dr. Jeff Siu Kei Au Yeung (HKMU), Dr. Shirley Xueli Chen (HKMU), Mr. Jimmy Xudong Kang (HKMU)
Industrial Liaison Chair: Dr. Farah Fan Yan (HKMU), Dr. Bell Jianqing (HKMU), Mr. Kevin Ka Wing Tse (HKMU)
Registration Chair: Dr. Wilson Hon Wai Chu (HKMU), Dr. Dani Samer Assi (HKMU), Mr. Hugh Ting Hung Luk (HKMU)
Plenary Session Chair: Dr. Tabitha Bishenghui Tao (HKMU), Dr. Keith Lap Kei Lee (HKMU), Mr. Harry Hing Lun Lai (HKMU)
Special Session Chair: Dr. Debby Dan Wang (HKMU), Dr. Roy Zongxi Li (HKMU), Ms. Winnie Weiqing Guo (HKMU)